Art of Significance

"Is Clark's latest a self-help book, a leadership book, or perhaps an all-round feel-good tome? In fact with all of the author's (Puppies for Sale) personal accounts, family stories, insights, and even a poem, Chicken Soup for the Soul might be the first thing to come to mind. The book is meant to be transformational, designed for readers "who want to achieve game-changing results." Clark hopes readers will progress from wanting to be Successful to wanting to be Significant. For Clark, success is “getting what you want and finding happiness on a superficial level," while significance is "a higher state of happiness and fulfillment beyond the merely successful," where you understand that “being is more important than having."

 Agent: Nena Madonia, Dupree/Miller & Associates.

“Dan Clark shows how success is but a stepping stone to the real prize - making a difference that benefits others. He offers common sense tools for character building and focusing on the greater purpose. Mr. Clark's work affirms my belief that 'The best exercise for the human heart is reaching down and lifting another up.'"

 - Jon M Huntsman Sr., Founder and Executive Chairman, Huntsman Corporation

"Dan Clark's The Art of Significance is a magnificent read! His twelve laws urge us to chart a course beyond the fleeting success found in money, popularity and fame in order to enjoy the enduring rewards found in service, obedience, harmony and love. Leaving a lasting legacy is our true gift to the world."

 - Stephen M. R. Covey, author of The Speed of Trust

"This is one of the most important life-changing and enriching books you will ever read. Rare and remarkable insights and transformational laws that will help you not only become successful but significant. Destined to become a classic!"

 - Jason Jennings, author of The Reinventors and Think BIG-Act Small

"I recommend The Art of Significance as a must-read to all of the officer, enlisted, and civilian personnel enrolled in our professional military education courses. In this extraordinary read Dan articulates the highest laws of life-changing leadership, while illustrating the practical application of our core values: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do."

 - Lieutenant General Al Peck (USAF, retired), former commander of Air University, the intellectual and leadership center of the United States Air Force

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About The Art of Significance

  • You Will Learn The Disciplined Routine Required To Take You From Where You Are To Where You Need To Be!
  • You Will Make Yourself More Valuable And Irreplaceable To Your Organization!
  • You Will Become A Thought Leader In This “New Normal” of Leadership Education!

In a series of brief, emotionally charged essays, Clark offers a unique blend of profound psychological insights, historical examples, incredible military stories, and exhilarating personal experiences to teach us the Twelve Highest Universal Laws of Life Changing Leadership:

  1. Practice Obedience Instead of Free Will Agency
  2. Exercise Perseverance Instead of Patience
  3. Proactively Stretch Instead of Change
  4. Trust Predictability Instead of Hope and Faith
  5. Know the Whole Truth Instead of Believing What You Think
  6. Focus on Winning Instead of Team
  7. Do Right Instead of Seeking to Be Best
  8. Experience Harmony Instead of Forcing Balance
  9. Accept Others Instead of Judging Them
  10. Love and Be Needed Instead of Romanced and Used
  11. Establish Covenants Instead of Making Commitments
  12. Forgive Instead of Apologize

The Art of Significance is the culmination of a twenty year research project that documents why great is not good enough; why best is only relevant depending on what you compare it against; and why so many successful companies have collapsed. Clearly the common denominator is that too many leaders and managers believe they are thinking and changing, when in reality they are merely rearranging their opinions and prejudices, which only perpetuate their current faddish system of success.

Bottom Line

This book truly is for everybody: coaches, educators, military personnel, and business professionals. Regardless of whether you are an emerging leader in the succession planning pipeline of your organization; or you are one who feels you have been passed over for a promotion and want to increase your personal value; or you are a senior executive/upper level manager who wants to gain a competitive advantage and establish yourself as a thought leader/growth leader in your organization and industry, The Art of Significance will positively impact your life and career! As you study it and ponder its deepest teachings you will achieve the level beyond success and bask in the benefits of living a magnificent life of Significance!

ISBN-13: 978-1-59184-574-4

Publisher: Portfolio / Penguin.
Publication date: March 2013
Edition number: 1
Pages: 242

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